A serious optician is not a merchant. He is a technician, an advisor, a craftsman rather than a merchant. The value of his technique, advice, and skill must be considered concurrently with his prices.

quality eyewear maker (1950)

Emblematic optician, L’Ingénieur Chevallier offers you a curation of designer glasses sourced from the best eyewear manufacturers in the world.

L’Ingénieur Chevallier has invented custom-made ready-to-wear. Eyewear made by the finest artisans, and a team of experts to adapt them to your face according to rituals inherited from the bespoke tradition.

This legendary spectacle maker, the oldest optician in Paris, has been offering its clientele remarkable know-how since 1740. Its models and inventions have won over kings, emperors, as well as the greatest scientists of its period.

Ever faithful to the artisanal tradition, yet passionate about ultra-modern techniques, l’Ingénieur Chevallier embodies the perfection born from the alliance of the hand of man and machine.

Much more than Eyeglasses

Iconic, traditional, arty, luxury, designer, limited editions, exclusivities : each of our product lines lives up to our reputation as emblematic eyeglass maker.

Whether your glasses be a fashion accessory or a work tool, or whether you like them to be discreet or original, we will do everything to make the experience enjoyable (even unforgettable!).


Secrets of the Workshop

All our pieces are manufactured by the best eyewear makers in the world. Whatever the material, bio-acetate, titanium, buffalo horn or other, each artisan selected is a master in their field.

To choose your frames according to your features, your wishes, your character, and your style: you will be guided by passionate eyewear professionals.  Your glasses must suit you, be distinctive without ever overpowering your personality.


Backstage at the Lab

The eye, a precious tool! Our optometrists examine your vision with the greatest precision, and attend to your visual health: they complete the ophthalmologist’s prescription for optimal comfort of vision.

This personalized, ultra-focused exam enables us to propose the most suitable lenses for your eyes and for the use of your glasses.


Some History...


Napoleon wore his glasses. L’Ingénieur Chevallier received crowned heads from all across Europe as well as “le Tout-Paris” in his optical shop in the Tour de l’Horloge.


The microscope was one of l’Ingénieur Chevallier’s ideas. Thanks to him, the greatest astronomers in the Empire and the most illustrious mathematicians of the XVIIIth century made advances in science. His genius was rewarded with several gold medals.