How to Repair Your Glasses: Tips and Advice

How to Repair Your Glasses: Tips and Advice

When your glasses break, it can be tempting to throw them away and buy new ones. However, repairing them is often a cost-effective and eco-friendly option. Moreover, at L’Ingénieur Chevallier, all our frames are designed to be adjustable AND repairable, and we offer repair services in our stores. In this article, we will explore how to fix glasses based on their material, as well as common issues such as lost screws, scratched lenses, broken temples, bent frames, faulty hinges, and even how to seek reimbursement for broken glasses. But, in any case, the intervention of one of our opticians will always be the best alternative!

1. Repairing Glasses Based on Material

Repairing Cellulose Acetate Glasses

Cellulose acetate frames are popular for their lightweight, strength, and a wide range of colors. To repair cellulose acetate glasses, you can use special plastic glue, but make sure it does not contain acetone, as it can damage the material and make the glasses irreparable. At L’Ingénieur Chevallier, we have the necessary equipment and expertise for durable repairs, so never hesitate to contact us before attempting anything on your own!

Repairing Metal Glasses

Metal frames are durable but can bend or twist easily depending on the alloy used. To straighten them, use a fine-nosed pliers and make delicate adjustments. If the hinges are loose, tighten them with an appropriate screwdriver. Our Engineers know their frames and the materials they’re made of inside out… Take advantage of their expertise!

Repairing Buffalo Horn Glasses

Buffalo horn glasses are unique and require special care. It is possible to fill small cracks with specific adhesives, but once again, it is best to entrust your repairs to a professional, especially when dealing with such delicate materials as horn.

2. Screws

Loose Screws

If the screws on your glasses regularly come loose, use a small, well-fitted screwdriver to tighten them gently. You can also apply a small drop of clear nail polish to keep them in place but be careful not to affect the frame or lenses, as nail polish can alter both.

Lost screw

If you’ve lost a screw, don’t panic, and forget the toothpick or paperclip! If you want to avoid coming to us, repair kits including spare screws and mini screwdrivers are available in most pharmacies, but the operation is delicate, and a quick visit to our workshops will always allow for a comprehensive check of your precious glasses.

3. Scratched Lenses

Scratched lenses can affect the clarity of your vision. Use a microfiber cloth and glasses cleaner to try to remove minor scratches. Be careful not to apply too much product on the frame to avoid damaging the material. For deeper scratches, consult an optical professional to evaluate replacement options, as a scratched lens cannot be repaired. If it’s sunglasses, you’ll need to change both lenses to ensure the tint’s consistency. If they are prescription lenses, it’s possible to replace only the scratched one.

4. How to repair a broken arm?

If your temple is broken, it’s best to consult your optician to avoid further damage to your frame. They will know exactly what to do to repair it or, even better, replace it. If you really want to do it yourself, you can use glue (make sure to choose the right one based on your glasses’ material) or glasses repair kits that include replacement temple tips. Ensure that the glue is suitable to avoid damaging the material and let it dry completely before wearing your glasses again. In any case, always consider our after-sales service because becoming an optician isn’t something one can improvise.

5. How to Straighten a Bent Frame?

For straightening a bent frame, tools vary depending on the material.
For metal, use small pliers.
For acetate, use heat to soften the material and thermoform it, then cold water to set the adjustments.
If it’s buffalo horn, we strongly discourage attempting it yourself. So, as we mentioned before, it’s better to come and see the Ingénieurs; they have everything you need, especially the know-how!

6. Hinges

If the hinges on your glasses are faulty, there’s nothing you can do on your own, except consulting a professional who can re-solder or replace them if necessary or adjust the screws to repair them properly.

7. How to Get Reimbursed for Broken Glasses?

If your glasses are still under warranty, contact the manufacturer or the optician where you purchased them. They can inform you about replacement or reimbursement options. If someone else damaged them, liability insurance is there for that.


Repairing glasses can extend their lifespan and save you money. However, most repairs require the expertise of an optical professional, so don’t hesitate to consult us when needed. Especially because at L’Ingénieur Chevallier, all our glasses are designed to be repairable, and we offer repair clinic services. With a little care and maintenance, your glasses will accompany you for a long time.

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