Craig is characterized by strong rectangular lines giving pride of place to the material. Worthy descendant of the glasses worn in press rooms of the 50s, she frames the look while highlighting the features of the face. Exclusive L’Ingénieur Chevallier frame, made in our workshops.

Designer : IC 1740
Material(s) : Acetate
Available colors : Acetate: Black, Tobacco Brown, Gray Crystal, Dark Cherry, Tortoise n°6, Tortoise n°4, Orange Tortoise, Half Blonde Tortoise, Tortoise n°5 bis, Tortoise n°7, Billiards, Petrol, Chestnut, Crystal Blush, Skin Crystal, Whiskey, Mineral Crystal, Amber Crystal, Ivory (color) Horn: Black, Grey, Dark Brown, Medium Brown
Presented model : Solar
Designer eyewear adaptable to prescription, in clear lenses or sunglasses